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Hainan IBL Golf Club
UpdateTime:2013-11-06 author: source:Haikou tourism development committee

Telephone: 86-898-65630066

Facsimile: 86-898-65630088

Address: Hainan Province seaport city fine jade mountainous area Hongqizhen

Zip code: 571138

Haikou office: Haikou city country trade main road Chialing building 919

Telephone: 0898-68560066

Facsimile: 0898-68560088

Zip code: 570125

    Hainan IBL Golf Club is located the seaport city fine jade mountainous area Hongqizhen, is apart from seaport beautiful blue international airport only 20 minutes vehicle regulation, constructs in is far away the field which the city makes noise, periphery the blind any modernized construction, in the field the coconut tree create shades, the beautiful spring day, plays a ball game in here can enjoy to the complete tranquility, hears all comes the arrogant natural sound. The field area is 1,930 Chinese acres, the design position 27 holes standard balls and the attached vacation center east, already completed the mountainous area 9 holes (IN), south the lake front area 9 holes (OUT), the total length 7,028 yards, were 18 holes 72 standard bars international championship tournaments golf course; The ball road uses is the Hawaian grass, the fruit range grass for the Bermudan grass. Careful design ball by the sand pit, the water barrier and the small coconut tree forest perfect union, enhances the field the challenge and is interesting. Has the rich village style five star classes office, and is comfortable by the leisure primarily, in is equipped with the arrangement gracefully, the well-equipped male and female changing room altogether has closet 324, male closet 242, female closet 82; In the office dining room, has the delicacy Chinese type, the Han type good food and each kind of drink may supply the choice, but also is equipped with the goods rich ball to have the exclusive agency, to have the alone ingenuity the coffee and the dining room theater box and so on can satisfy ball friend to need.Above the fine facility, the regard makes up sincerely, anytime and anywhere,Hainan according to will have the bright golf course by the high standard management, to pledge the high quality service.